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2023 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme
Fly me to Hong Kong 



Cantonese music theatre Classics and Chill
‘Creative Society of Naamyam’ Workshop
Finale Concert ‘Singing Cantonese Culture’
(All activities conducted in Cantonese)

Project period: April-December 2023


Production Team


Artistic Director: Yu Qiwei
Producer: Fung Kai-sze
Composer/Coordinator: Yeung Kin-ping
Playwright/Director: Wong Yee-lai


About the Programme


‘Fly me to Hong Kong’ covers different types of music activities, including Cantonese music theatres, Naamyam workshops and a finale concert cum dissemination of Naamyam works. Through the integration of theatre and music therapy, the older generation can recall their collective memories while the younger generation can learn more about traditional music and the life of the older generation of Hong Kong people.



6711 9308 (Mr Yeung)

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